Social Media Management 

You may be wondering, "What is social media management and why do I need it?"  
Dedicating time to keep up with frequent posts for your social media page is a full job all on its own. Many businesses fail in this aspect because it is so time-consuming. When building a following for your social media you must be consistent. Consistency is key and no one understands that better than our Baron Media Group influencers. We will keep you up to date on your consistent posting to make sure your business or brand following stays relevant. When it comes to staying relevant on social media there is almost a science behind it. This new "science" happens to be one of Baron Media Groups specialties. We can take full or partial management in guiding your social media accounts. Posts will be targeted to the best hours to generate the most exposure, with popular or trending hashtags to have the furthest reach. This, in turn, can help expand brand awareness, supporters and maintain high interaction with your existing following.

Email Management

Can't figure out when to send out emails or you have too many emails to weed out? We will neatly organize your emails and send out targeted email blasts on your behalf. This will help drive more business to your company and keep an open line of communication with existing or potential new clients.

Other Managment Opportunities