What we do at Baron Media Group

What Baron Media Group does.

Weirdly enough at Baron Media Group, we get this question all the time. This guide is here to help you figure out what we do and if we can help you or your company.


We need to know a little about why we started. We firmly believe that passion is the driving force for the most successful companies and not to brag, but we have a lot of it. The company was started because there needed to be a better way for companies to find and vet out different solutions to an ever-changing market. Our goal is to bring clarity to our customers on how marketing can have an impact on them. Because of this, how we operate is very transparent and setting mutual goals with clients is always clear.

Our main goal.

Even though every marketing company says this, it couldn't be more accurate for us. Our goal is to make you successful. Why do we say this? It's simple. We care, and we have a business. If your business grows, you're only going to be inclined to work more with us. Thus, making money for not only our clients but for ourselves. I think we may be one of the only companies to admit it publicly, but that's how we operate. True clarity.

Now that we told you a little about us and our goals, let's get into the real tofu and potatoes of this blog. (some people don't eat meat, so we are being respectful)

Our ideal client is a company that falls somewhere between 1 million - 50 million dollars in revenue. They don't all have to be, but that's our ideal client.

Why is that you might ask?

Companies of that size are starting to look for different ways to grow their business and not only that but looking for a real return on investment. They have probably dealt with several marketing companies along the way, and if they are reading this, then they probably didn't have too much success with them. If they are reading this, then I am glad we can share a moment together. We also like to have our clients understand the value of media. We say media, not everything needs to be advertising. We believe in several forms of media, including advertising, so we love when they have some background knowledge. These companies usually have some allocated budget for marketing and are on the verge of expansion but may be struggling to get to the next level. That's why we are here to help.

What we focus on.

We predominantly focus on Inbound Marketing and content marketing!

What is that?

Its the use of various strategies and techniques to bring you qualified leads. We use social media, blogging, video's, and other content creation to help you get in front of your ideal customer and educate your customer on whether or not they should buy from you. So how do we do this? We onboard clients onto a software called HubSpot. From there, we can begin to be the conductor of your marketing and put the necessary pieces into place to start getting found on the internet. The best part? Our results drastically outlast those of Google AdWords or social media ads. Why? Because we are creating content, not putting up ads. Yes, ads do play a roll in all of this but its a much smaller majority than others. Our content works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can help create new leads years after its built. Everyone talks about how nice it would be to sleep and make money. We are helping you do that.

How does it work if a company wants to get started?

First, we have an onboarding process for new clients to go through. Even if the potential client doesn't want to go with all of our products, there is still an onboarding process. During this time there are several things we learn about each other. First, we are going to learn quite a bit about your business. We discover ideal customers, key terms related to the industry, and more during the process. After that, there is a plan built out for each customer to move forward. If there isn't a clear goal of success, how can we get you to reach your goals? For our clients that jump into all of our services first, they will learn how to use HubSpot. Hubspot is a CRM has a variety of different features to allow for sales and marketing to be done on one platform. We teach our customers how to use all features effectively and we will get even more granular to show people how it will help their company grow. From there, we will begin to run all your marketing through HubSpot. As an admin, you will see everything that is going on and how our strategy is working. If you're only going with a few of our products, then we have smaller onboardings for that as well that is a little less in depth.

Why Hubspot?

It allows for the most amazing ability to help grow your marketing with real data, real click-throughs, and ultimately makes for more highly qualified prospects to sell to. It has some incredible features for Sales, Marketing, and even a Ticketing system. It's the ultimate tool to help us help you with the best results possible.

What else do we do?

For companies that don't fall into our list of ideal clients, we have a bunch of other things that we help them with. Our team is extremely adaptive. We understand that every service we offer may not be what your company needs. Because of that, we are more than happy to learn existing software that is already in place.


Yes, we build websites! It's the anchor to keeping your company on the web. We find the needs and goals of the customer, and from there, we grab the bull by the horns. We will develop a unique website built and designed by us, in house that meets and exceeds your goals. It can't be that simple, you may say. Yes, it is. We find the needs and goals and get to work. If you have further questions on websites, please visit our blog where you can find a ton of information on everything that has to do with websites. Want to know how a website is priced? Yep. That's there. Want to know how long it takes to build. Yep. That's there also. Everything for websites is there for you to learn about.

Email Marketing:

This is one of the most effective ways of driving business, sales, and online traffic to your company. Creating an effective email marketing campaign is always in the best interest of the company. It's usually by far one of the cheapest things a company can do to help drive sales. Typically it's all about staying top of mind. Putting out good quality emails that bring value to your customers is well worth the time and energy. Not sure how to do that yourself? That's where we step in. We create, schedule, and send out emails to take the worry off your mind to know it's being done right.

Social Media Management & Marketing

The hottest topic of everything we do is social media. You might be asking why it is so hot? The big social media influencers like Gary Vee are paving the way for companies like ours. People are starting to realize how important social media is. Especially when it comes to the younger generation and their business. This comes majorly into play with our company. We started taking social media seriously. We help do a various number of things for our clients on social media. Everything from videos, photos, testimonials, posts, ads, and more. We focus so intensely on this and creating valuable content that engages audiences is the most important thing to our clients and us. The best part is it's going to always be online for people to see. It works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and we have some pretty fun toys to help us create content.


We offer a variety of other services for our clients. It's not predominantly what we do. However, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our ideas and perspectives to different markets. Have an idea that might require a media company? Let us know we would love to help. If worse comes to worst and we can't help you, we probably know someone that can. Our goal is that even if you choose not to work with us that you meet and exceed your goals.

That's a simple guide on what we do and how we do it. If you have any questions, please reach out as we are always happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

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